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Don't Panic Look at Squints in Babies, Here's the Explanation

Mother and Father may feel panicked and worried when they see Little's eyes look cross-eyed. But in some conditions, crossed eyes in infants turned out to be normal. Squint or strabismus is a term for the position of the eyeball that is not aligned or not straight, both pointing inward or outward. This condition can make the view unfocused. Crossed eyes can develop since childhood, even since infants and toddlers. Fake Squint in Baby In the age range of 0 to 6 months, if your eyes look squinting, especially when he is very tired, you don't need to worry. Some babies are born with extra skin folds at the corners in their eyes. This can cause the baby to look cross-eyed, when in fact it is not. This phenomenon is called pseudoesotropia or fake squint, and is quite common in infants. Pseudoesotropia is more common in Asian infants who have small and almost flat nasal bones. In addition, this condition will usually be seen when the baby's eyes focus on objects that are
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Come on, Know the Facts Behind Fruits that Are Prohibited for Pregnant Women

Fruits contain nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant women. However, there are some fruits that are prohibited for pregnant women because they are believed to cause interference with pregnancy, including miscarriage. Is this true? Adequate nutrition is needed to maintain the health of pregnant women and the fetus. Fruit is one type of food that can help meet these nutritional needs. Even so, there are several types of fruit that are usually prohibited for consumption during pregnancy for various reasons. Facts Behind Fruits that Are Prohibited for Pregnant Women The following are facts about various fruits that are believed to be dangerous and are prohibited for pregnant women: 1. Durian Consumption of durian during pregnancy is believed to trigger miscarriage, excessive bleeding during childbirth, to birth defects. In fact, this fruit contains a variety of healthy compounds, such as organo-sulfur and tryptophan, antioxidants, antimicrobials, and antibacterial, which are g

Various Healthy Food Choices for Skin

Various skin treatments can indeed make the skin look smooth and radiant. But skin care from outside is not enough. You also need to eat healthy food for your skin so that skin health is maintained. Like other body parts, the skin also needs a variety of nutrients. There are various types of food that can support you to have healthy, tight, soft and radiant skin. Various Food Choices Here are some healthy foods for your skin that can be selected: Strawberry Fresh strawberry fruit also appeared to bring benefits for skin health. The content of vitamin C found in strawberries is able to maintain the connective tissue under the skin so the skin remains tight and healthy. Other ingredients such as folate (vitamin B), fiber and pythochemicals can help prevent skin damage due to exposure to free radicals. Green tea Catechin compounds found in green tea can work in improving skin health. In addition, green tea is also useful in improving skin moisture and elasticity. For thos